A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 23rd

Chris the Cheese Cake Crowell and Tri Doug were so excited about tonight’s ride they both left the lot ahead of the group. Cheese Cake thought it would be nice to stop at Wentworths for a cone but the Tri Doug told him he is lactate intolerant and wanted nothing to do with the stop. After a quick stop Cheese toured the back roads of Cheshire alone, while enjoying his cookies and cream with rainbow sprinkles cone. Eric M and his Irish gang set off on N. Brooksvale to see if they could catch Cheese Cake and see if he would share some of that delicious cone. Upon their arrival they would realize that they were too late only to find his ice cream stained jersey. Once on to Mt. Rd. the pace was steady with the resident German, Gui-go Pullman doing his signature jump/grind away from the group. A lot of guys except for the sprinters were doing their fair share of the pace setting leading up to the Notch where we were all back together. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I overheard Angry Rontoni giving mechanical advice to another rider…could this be? Off onto Moss Farms Rd Steve Gray AKA (The Pin Ball Wizard) rang everyone’s bell on his way through the whole peleton to fly solo through the chicane with reckless abandonment. The pace up the hill was slow tonight with the absence of Hunter P. Into the Industrial Park the pace was high as always with Pete P showing some late season form. That CCS seams to be working nicely for him or could it just be that goatee on, goatee off, goatee on, goatee off system (GOGOS). Le Casey also is starting to show some signs of good fitness and plans to peak for the CWC Sunday winter series, which runs from January 1st through February…LOOK OUT!

Leading up to Reinhard, Le Casey and Pete p. were still pushing the pace with all your favorite sprinters saving themselves for the assault on Mr. Little “t” - our seasons sprint points leader. This ride ends the sprint points race for the summer series…Little “t” wins with 130 points …at 129.9 points 2nd place goes to Hunter P. and with 129 points 3rd place goes to??? A steady pace was held all the way to Rt.10 and the streetlights were on. More sprint points were up for grabs and everyone was planning their attack.

This sprint is where Little T grabbed the .1 point he needed to over take Hunter P. for the championship. Congratulations! The Pin Ball wizard hit the flippers and topped the S&S hill solo. Mad Mike couldn’t hold the wheel in front of him and blamed it on the red light; the faster riders blew through ahead of him. He said it was too dark and the cars couldn’t see us…if they can’t see us how are they going to hit us? Cheese Cake claims the victory but I didn’t see him …did anybody?