A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 26th

       The storm clouds opened up just in time for the ride this week. It was a fast moving front but the field rolled out of the parking lot in a downpour. The Cheshire Cycle crew used their home field advantage and stayed in the locker room till the heaviest rain stopped. Soon after the ride turned off route 10, Eric M jumped off the front and was joined by Builder Pete, and Monty B from CCR. Also jumping in pursuit was C-Dale Rich and BenGe. The rest of the Cheshire Cycle crew rode up the course and found Eric M driving the break hard with the 2 CCR guys attached. Unsure of who or what was in pursuit, Hunter P, Dillon P, Gregg F and Joe K rounded up the stragglers and reconnected with the break by the middle of Mountain Road. The light at route 68 brought the entire ride back together, as the peleton had started up riding chase on Mountain rd as well with Guido doing a lot of work along with Luekens.
       Onto Moss Farms where it took less then a kilo for Yelle Snoo!P to attack off the front. Time Trial Pete and Perry would chase a bit, then Saul-not-Gaul, in a strong display as he returns to the fold, took over and by then it was all coming back together. Arlene Zane was out tonight on the ride, no doubt a homeless racer seeing as how the Crit at the Rent was canceled. MoMoney led everyone into the Chicane and Dillon P drove the pace up to the corner for Marion. After the riser, everyone rolled back together and it was to slow for Guido. He hit the front hard, taking along Hunter P and BenGe. Perry was also up there and the foursome tore off a small gap just before the industrial park. The chase was on though and as it was coming back together, Guido surged again, taking only Hunter P with him . Those 2 hung on a bit longer but ended the attack after the ride slammed into the unexpected construction section right before 322. Everyone seemed to either go very slow over the gravel or very fast. Joe K, being one of the few SG riders who has competed in Battenkill Roubay, rode off the front, no doubt looking for a green light at route 322. It was red, so gruppo compacto. Surprisingly, no one got a flat thru the rough stuff.
      Onto Mount Vernon where Eric M and a faster then last time Luekens hit the front but everyone took a bit of a breather thru this section. MoMoney, BenGe, Jacinto and Yelle Snoop were early pace setters on Mount Vernon, but the pace remained on the sedate side. Guido would roll up and pitch in along with Bike Shop Bob and Joe K. Robyn was never far from the front as well. YelleSnoop, Joe K and Team Gaul would start things out on the false flat section with Hunter P attacking quickly to build up a solid 50 meter gap by the time the road went level again. No one really responded, leaving Hunter to dangle out front for a close to a kilo before a group of poursuivants led by Guido would bring him back. The bump in speed started to develop small gaps but a pause up front let it all clam down for the run-in to the turnaround.
        Leading up to the corner for Welch rd, a small group had a crack of a gap into the corner. A CCBer ( Yahor? ), Team Gaul, and Tri Doug with Gregg F, YelleSnoop, “Divine Electric” Perry and Hunter P in between but closing in on the leaders. That led to Team Gaul setting a solid tempo followed up by Hunter P who didnt keep up the assault, letting the peleton come back slowly but surely. The next group to go off the front was Luekens, Arlane Zane and Yahor. A dangerous trio in this situation. Perry and Hunter P responded, along with an IRS Medic rider ( Chad? ) . Arland Zane clicked down a couple of gears and rode off the front before the corner, taking along Perry and Hunter P. All 3 would rotate thru the front as the speed was just high enough to keep the chasing peleton 30 yards back. Jacinto, Guido and Bike Shop Bob tried to bridge the gap, but it was too late. Hunter P easily jumped away to collect the prize. Guido would try to summon everyone to keep up the attack but a red light near I84 would get it all back.
       BenGe snuck thru a light and would go into full on attack mode on the descent of West St. The pack was slow to respond but was back to 6 or 7 seconds by the corner of Atwater St. BenGe, in a liberal show of defiance, hung on and drew out the gap, leaving Perry, Thomas B, Eric M, Otto from Team Gaul, Hunter P and Tri Doug working hard to keep it close. The 7 second gap was erased quickly when Hunter P blitzed the hill by the underpass, bringing up Guido, Arland Zane, Mountain man and a couple of others. Guido followed up Hunter P's sruge with one of his own, and BenGe again dug in and went with it. Those 2 got to the light first with Gregg F and YelleSnoop in between pack and Tete de la course.
       There was more gravel on the first sections of Peck lane, so any attacks were held back. Hunter P got hit with a flat. The rest of the way to Route 10 was peaceful with no damage being done up front. Once onto route 10, Keltic O'shea and Eirc M kept the pace high on the riser up past Cheshire Park. Heading into the Stop n Sprint, JelleSnoo!p attacked fast at the last remaining light with Otto Gaul. The field was content to watch it unfold with only 1 or 2 guys responding. One or two single. Jacinto put in a strong dig to close the gap with Bike Shop Bob and Guido on his wheel. Coming up was Dillon P, with Little T lurking in his shadow. Jelle and Otto were caught by the base of the hill, giving everyone a chance at the sprint. Little T gets back in the win column by easily taking this one. A passing truck proved too much temptation for T and he jumped on for some motor pacing with only Guido, BSBOB and Jacinto chasing. A red light by Route 42 ended the chase though and brought the field back together except for Little T who was well off the front by now.
       For the finale, Little T, despite getting dropped by the truck, was well ahead of everyone else. Up the hill. Tri Doug and Mountain Man duked it out after passing Dillon P. The were both snookered by Gregg F who beat them to the line, leaving Perry and MoMoney behind in the process. Mountain Man has vowed revenge.