A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 30th

The ride rolled out peacefully with everyone happy with the 5:30 start. A couple of late riders joined up and we had about 35 out tonight. The ride started out calm but Guido was soon at it again, moving off the front, taunting a healthy Craig Luekens… Craig responded and soon closed the gap. Then it was Luekens, Guido and Brian (aka: anon) Koski riding off. Chris C drove the gap closed on that one with an assist from Dillon P. Moving onto South Brooksvale saw Peter P and Steve Grey moving up to the front.

On the initial riser up Mountain Rd. Hunter P attacked and got a gap but that was short lived as he was caught by Todd H, Petrillo and others. Moving onto the second set of risers Hunter P went again, but this time guys like Joe K were thinking the same thing and again he was brought back pretty quickly.

Toward the end of Mountain, there was a brief gap enjoyed by Peter P, Guido and a 3rd rider ( prolly ‘ol Cheesehead ), but it all would come together for the light. Onto Moss Farms where the pace wasn’t anything to write home about. Keltic riders Thompson and O’Shea where up there. Luekens too. Going into the chicane, Steve Grey, doing what he does so well, attacked on the descent and led everyone up the climb. From there it was all Luekens as he drilled it up and thru the corner. Moving into the industrial park Grey was still active in the front and Luekens as well. The 2 along with Mike McG and Hunter P were looking dangerous as the ride turned onto West Johnson ave.

Shortly after and a little farther up the road, Mike McG lept out with ambitions to grab the sprint point. Peter P was on his wheel. It looked like they had gotten a good jump on the rest, Grey and Todd H had moved to the front for the 1st riser on Reinhard. Sure enough though the drag race started, Little T on the left and Hunter P on the right. T ripped thru the front with the jumping bean Julio glued to his wheel. Hunter slotted in 3rd as the 3 passed Mike and Peter Peter pumpkin eater. Little T was not to be beaten, as he needed to keep the sprint going all the way up to the top to stay off of Hunter “Ullrich” P who had gotten back some momentum and gone over the top of Julio. But it wasn’t enough. Back a little bit Joe K was leading the rest of the field up and thru the corner.

Down the backside, the 3 sprinters along with Chris C and a couple of guys who jumped the gap quickly were looking like they could be enjoying a gap for Peck Ln. Chris Butler tho had other thoughts as he drilled that door shut on the way to Peck Ln, using 4 inch deck nails just to be on the safe side.

Onto Route 10 where some traffic at the corner slowed everyone down for the trip up the hill past Cheshire Park. The ride made the 3 next lights and things got rolling toward the Stop n Shop hill. Once again, despite a high pace coming into it, Little T jumped out in front of Peter P and Hunter P and snagged his 59,000th sprint in a row. Keep it up T and you will be given 2 bye weeks at Bethel next spring.

During the charge back into Hamden, Luekens stepped it up, Guido, Peter P, Chris C, an unknown rider atop a Ciocc, and a couple of others too. No one was able to stay with Little T for the unofficial-official finish. Going up the hill, Chris B jumped first and bestest, going convincingly over the top of Hunter P and not-so-Tri-today Doug

That’s all the time we have for today.


Riders DSQd (rule31aMMcG) :

Al Coholic
Oliver Clothesoff
Jacques Strap
Bea O'Problem
Ivana Tinkle
Maya Buttreeks
Ahmed Adoodie
Peter Petrillo