A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 2nd

Extra Riders = Extra Crashes

Twas shaping up to be a great night. The absence of the Training Series up in East Hartford meant that some additional (make that, several) riders came on down to rumble. The average speed was reflective of that for sure.
    Right from the get-go, Ben Bruce and The Sernyak took off and were allowed to get up the road. Then Hunter P, Big Red, and Noah Levine bridged up, making for a solid group. As the breakaway was turning onto North Brooksvale, The Sernyak pulled out of his pedal and went down, pushing Noah off the road in the process. That brought that move to an abru[t end amd the whole ride slowed down for a bit to make sure all were ok, but The Sernyak called it a night.
    Keith Mullalalaly was next to go, taking off hard going downhill toward Mountain rd. He carried a smsall gap up the first hill there but would be tracked down slowly by Big Red, the Crowells, and a couple more strong riders up front. From there Mountain Rd, was fast but there no surprises. Toward the end, Hunter P took, taking Stephen G and Big Red but the light was red at route 68\70.
    On Moss Farms there was no real attacks. A couple of close calls. One from The Peacock but it was all together into the chicane, and past the industrial park. On the risers there, Hunter P took off with The Peacock, Young Crowell, Optimistic Max and a couple of others. That resulted in a gap but the light at 322 was red.
    Noah Levine was back at it off the front as the ride got onto Mount Vernon and he was joined by Nuemotion, Ben Bruce and Corbo. That led to the longest breakaway of the night but it was back together as everyone hit the false flat. Joe K was the next one to go and when he goes, usually no one is beast enough to go with him. He stayed off the front for a little while, despite a strong effort from Keith Mulalalaly to get up there. Soon after, it was all together again and there were no other attacks until the corner for Welch Rd. Gibertoni and a couple of others looked to start something but everyone was eager to start the run for the corner in quick fashion.
    There were a bunch of guys ready to jump into the corner but the best attack came from The Peacock, who rolled off a gap early on West St and was able to hold on for the points. Nuemotion sprinted hard to close it down but it was a little too late.
     The ride was standard stuff after that. The evening came to an abrupt end at the Stop n Sprint point, where Nuemotion came out of his pedal as he started the sprint. He went down like a sack of summer squash. Ben “Broken” Bruce, who was also sprinting for it, rolled over on top of him and when down like a man-sized tinker toy sculpture. Everyone seemed ok, save for the bloodied elbows and road rash.
     Group rolled off toward Hamden after a pause and that was that.