A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 24th

Ride or hide day at the TWC........

30 or so guys rolled up for the ride giving no notice to the rain... Good to see Craig Luekens back out on the ride.

The pace got going when the the “Team Gaul\War Child” in black rider ( name??? ) moved up to the front and punched it. Ciocci and Eric M were quick to police the front together as the ride moved thru the backroads of Cheshire. Early on there were a couple of times when gaps would form to small groups usually containing Eric M, Ciocci, Team Gaul, or VQ Rob. Chris C and Hunter P were punchy over the first risers of Mountain rd, but mostly it was group compact to stacked up traffic at the light by Route 68. Eric M, VQ Rob, and then JoshyG were the ones that got it going on Moss Farms, but for the most part everyone was nice and polite letting everyone have a chance to settle in after dealing with the traffic. Once past the chicane, Team Gaul started the surge up to Marion with Chris C and Hunter P punching it past the corner. Hunter P had a gap for a ways, but no one went with him and it rolled back together near the short loop turn off. Aidan Charles, looking glowing from a successful wedding and honeymoon was trying to get back into race shape for a couple of key remaining events, hit the front and got everyone’s attention as the ride came up to Route 322. Gregg F, Mike McG, and Hunter were up there too.

Once onto Mount Vernon Rd, the battles for who was gonna drive the pace started up nicely. Peter P was present with the Zane's crew and VQ Rob. Craig Luekens hit the front about a mile in and really strung things out. Pretty good for someone with only a few tens of miles in this summer. JoshyG followed up his effort with a real gut buster. Leaving the pack into the deep end of the pain pool. This left the sharp end of the peleton in turbo mode for the start of those dang false flats. Rondo and Hutner P again driving the pace up them. There wasn’t much of a chance for a separation at the top as most of the strong guys were pretty gassed. It rolled back together and took a little while but things got going again with Eric M, Mahoney, Team Gaul, and Peter P up front. Then it was time to start thinking about the turnaround. Team Gaul and Thomaas B were looking like they were wanting to sneak off before the corner onto Welch Rd. Eric M, VQ Rob, and Ciocci kept it all together. It was pretty much those five leading the way on Welch up to the corner. Luekens moved up the right hand side which pushed everyone along. Chris C jumped up the left hitting the corner first and taking Hunter P with him. Chris C led the whole way from the corner to where the spring would be starting. Hunter P sat quietly behind as Chris C did all the work of building up a gap of about 30 yards or so before Mike McG would start to eat into it. Hunter P jumped past Chris with about 250 meters to go, but Mike McG had already gotten all the momentum he needed. He was dragging Jacinto the whole way and Jacinto did put up good numbers right to the end, but Mike was able to stay out in front.

It seemed for a second that the two would have a good chance at keeping up their gap, but there were plenty of guys to push it on the descent and thru the traffic lights over 84. There was a tailwind and the peleton got all green lights, which was a nice chance. The ride ripped thru the rest of West Street and during the corner by the 84 exit Gregg F slipped off the front with Team Gaul, Rondo and VQ Rob. Rondo peeled off soon after and left the trio to work the gap. The speed was nice and crisp due to the tailwind. Mike McG, Aiden C, and a new guy in a Tosck (?) kit. The leading trio would get caught on the hill by the overpass and it was all together to the light with Chris C leading the way. Team Gaul was back at the front once past the light leading to a pretty good clip heading up Peck lane. Once over the old train tracks, Guido, who missed most of the ride cause he was late and backtracked to West St to join up, and Aiden hit the front with a purpose. Hunter P jumped on and the 3 were off. They hit the corner onto route 10 with a small negligible gap, with Peter P just off the wheels. Guido kept on the throttle in the way that only he can, drinvg the pace up the hill by Cheshire Park ( site of CheshireCross 2010, November 20th, mark your calendars! ) Aidan and Hunter P chipped in a bit, and Peter P was able to latch on, leaving a foursome to head into the Stop n Shop hill. The lead group caught a light that would slow the bunch behind and that would be all that was needed. Hunter P was able to jump off the front and get the sprint there with Aiden giving chase. The group would come back together soon after but get slowed by a light in the center of town. Behind, any springing that the pack would have was negated due to a red light at the top of the hill. Credit Dillon P for jumping up and getting thru the light in ever so somewhat fair fashion ( it was yellow! ). Dillon put his head down and closed the gap to the leading four by the highschool in Cheshire. Getting some revenge for the flat he was hit with early on during last weeks ride.

Guido was driving tent pegs with his legs the whole way back, making sure he made up for his abbreviated workout. The others would help when called on, but it was pretty much a one donkey show. Aidan C was the first to call it a day, waving the rest away 2 kilo's away.. Dillon P was next to pop. The remaining trio soft pedaled into the end.

We will wait to see what everyone has to say about it, but its pretty good guess that says that it will be the shorter loop next week.