A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 10th

We miss the Fantano's

    The ride tonight had a different kind of tone. Right from the parking lot, things were askew a bit with the venerable Mike Norton in attandance here instead of at the Renzlerrr feild training crit.
If they don't want ya, we'll take you Mike!
     Right off route 10, Chris C immediately attacked. Otto X and Hunter P jumped up to join him and right off the bat the ride has the first of a few breakaways. The 3 quickly rung up a gap on the backroads. Behind a chase group was sorting itself out and within a minute, a group ( Eric M, Norton, MoMoney, Tri Doug, Guido and one or 2 others ) came up. That made for a strong group off the front but by the the turn onto North Brooksvale the field behind was starting to work itself out. Jacinto, Guido, a couple of Stage 1 guys, a couple of Zane's guys were setting a good enough tempo to keep it close. On that initial riser tho, Eric M stepped on it leaving the others behind except for Chris C and Hunter P. That trio hammered out a small gap and some traffic in the corner for Mountain road let this new break work up a gap. Behind, Guido was getting antsy and was trying to drum up support for a chase and capture. Tall John was game. In the front group, the 3 worked well, despite some "retarded" pulling.
     When the catch was made, Yelle!Snoop had a dig off the front followed by a couple of guys who didn't help chase the break down at all. ( bad form ). Everyone was content to roll the rest of mountain rd together, except for Dillon P and Jacinto. Dillon took a late dig off the front to try to catch the light and it succeeded. Jacinto was a little under the red but in context it was a fair play. That made for 2 up the road with about a 30 second headstart.
     Moss Farms, in the peleton was standard stuff. The chase didnt really get going until the Chicane. Mostly New Haveners ( Yalies, Ciocci, Thomaas B, MoMoney, The Sernyak ) up front pushing the pace. Up the hill to Marion, Eric M jumped, taking along OttoX, a yalie or 2, Hunter P and Nuemotion. The front of the Peleton started to break up a bit as Eric M charged on alone with Gregg F, Nuemotion and fellow Yalies inbetween. Meanwhile, Jacinto would tackle the hills and Dillon P would roll the rest of the stuff and the duo was working hard to stay away.
    As the peleton rolled over 84, a big dig by Tall John and then by Chris C served to tie things down and round everyone up as the break quickly got into sight. Fortune was up front tonight though as Dillon P and Jacinto just squeaked thru a changing-to-red-light and were gifted another time bonus. Behind the peleton had to deal with a dicky driver in an SUV and Tall John almost became Punching John. Slowly the group got going again and by Mount Vernon, it was back to full gas, thanks to the usuals. Mostly Guido.
    The break ( now soundly in over their heads ) was eventually caught on the False Flat. Suspected counter attacks came from Eric M, Yelle!Snoop, Todd H, Gregg F and a couple of others. No dice though and it was gruppo compacto. Little T looked like he was going to test the waters at the deep end along with a couple of others but no one took the plunge. Leading up to Welch, Mike McG, Guido and MoMoney rolled off the front and were allowed some room. When it came to storm the castle, a few guys set down a good tempo. Norton, Yahor from CCB, Ciocci, Benji, etc all up front and chipping in. Tall John got hold of Chris C and stormed off the front just in time to catch the leading three. Tall John blew the doors off everyone, including his sprinter, giving guys like The Sernyak, Little T, Jacinto, Chris B, Joe K, Eric M, Mike McG, Nuemotion, Ciocci and one or 2 others a chance to get going right before the corner. That led to a sizable group heading off to the sprint, quickly getting ground on the rest. From that Eric M was able to hold off Chris B and Jacinto to get the sprint points. Eric would continue on down the backside. 
     From there the ride resumed normal mode. Guido had actually gotten a flat at the turnaround and Tall John stopped for the assist. The pace up front was mello and the peleton caught a few red lights. Eric M was able to keep his gap all the way to Peck Ln. Once it was all together on back onto Route 10, guys started to cue up for the Stop n Sprint Sprint. A good size group of the usual sprinters rolled thru a red light on Rt10, much to the dismay of everyone behind. About 8 or 9 made it thru and kept going the short distance to the sprint. Behind, the field had no chance of getting back on. Up front, it was still a battle though, this time Little T getting in one last sprint win before a forced vacation off the bike due to wrist surgery. Hopefully it won't be a prolonged one.
    After the Stop n Shop Sprint, Little T and Eric M kept up the pace and were able to secure a gap as the peleton was hit with 3-4 red lights. Those 2 had little problem getting back to Hamden off the front. Up the hill went the usuals ( plus Chris LaSalle holy crap! ). Hunter P gets revenge this week and is the first up the hill.