A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 7th

"Brrrrrr" & "Where's my lights?"

Only about 25 guys out tonight as the season of TWC dwindles to a close. But there is still some good riding to be had...

Le Casey lead everyone down Route 10 and into the back roads at a brisk pace. Chris C was the 1st to have a dig on Mount Sanford. But slow corners brought him back. After that the tempo was being set happily by a few guys. Mike McG, Dillon P, Todd H, Brian Koski, etc...Then it was Keltic at the front... Eric M and O'Shea. Coming up to Mountain Rd, Kyle Foley moved up to the front and sure enough, jumped right away on the hill. Hunter P and Steve G went straight away with him and the 3 worked up a good gap right away. It was short lived tho as Eric M put did a great job of closing the gap for everyone on his wheel. Up the second set of risers, Steve G was at it again, but couldnt work up any gap as the speed was higher.

Onto Moss Farms... Nothing out of the ordinary there. No attacks. No chases... Stage 1 was setting a good tempo as Little T made his way thru the chicane first with Todd H and Chris C in pursuit. Hunter P attacked halfway up the climb to Marion and kept it going fast up and thru the corner. Steve G was with him and the two punched it enough after the hill to get a good gap. Then Ken, A.k.a certainly not as slow as a turtle, came up and after a long bridging effort, made contact with the 2.

3 up the road, looking dangerous as they went charged into the industrial park. But then a turning jeep with a trailer attached slowed them to a near stop. Then into the industrial park a turning tractor trailer killed any remaining gap they had as the peleton, led by Rondo and Mike McG, caught and killed the escapees. Mike, Ron, and the Richard Sachs crew continued setting a good pace as guys shifted two and fro turning onto and up West Johnson. The pace was good leading up to Reinhard, when Little T attacked thru the corner. He went off alone but an attentive Steve G saw the opportunity and jumped on his wheel. The 2 had a 50 meter gap when Hunter P started sprinting from the usual spot. Then Mike McG, sporting a new recession-busting haircut, went by him in a flash. Mike would get close, but Little T succeeded in getting to the corner first, with Steve right there. The rest of the field, led by Eric M would trickle thru the corner and down the hill.

On the way to Rte 10, Hunter P and Chris B drove it up Peck lane, with Koski killing it at the very end. Towards the end of Sandbank, Chris C, Todd H and Gregg F would sneak off the front and with a 7 second gap thru the corner, start killing it up the hill. The 3 worked hard going past Cheshire Park ( site of CheshireCross 08, nov 22nd registration is open now! ) as the rest of the field slowed a bit and took their time getting up it. Once at the top, things got going again as Rondo, O'Shea and others set tempo. The 3 leaders were working well together and while they were being caught, it looked they had a good chance to make it to the sprint point. Mike McG jumped for the hill way early, leading out Hunter P. Hunter P jumped off with quite a ways to go as well, this time with Little T right on his wheel. T had little problem going around Hunter near the top. But it wasnt enough to catch Chris C, who had jumped from Todd H and Gregg F in a last ditch effort to get to the top of the hill first. Great job to the 3, pulling off the rare attack\sprint win.

The rest of the way into Hamden was standard issue. A good job by all was done to keep it safe and fast. Koski was up there again, Le Casey, Little T went hard and pulled off with a kilo to go, Gregg F and the Sommerville boys too. At the end Casey powered off and got to the light first.

Up the hill, it was too dark to see what happened... Hunter P, Chris B and Gregg F blah blah blah

Just a couple of more weeks to the off season....

The current poll on the side is for 08MVP of the TWC... It will run til the end of the month. Winner gets something very nice from the CCR prize pantry... to be awarded at some random point over the winter. Please vote honorably.... Based on speed, power, cunning, and marksmanship.