A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 20th

Bring yur lights!

      There was a smaller group out tonight. It was decided without much controversy that it was going to be the original short loop, the O.G., the loop that started it all, for the night.
       Things started out fast, even on Route 10. Tall John and Chris “ I do it with my socks on “ Crowle were up and off the front looking to raise trouble. Jelle Snoop took over once on the back roads and Mike McGillicutty was up there too. The speed stayed high for the opening miles. French Casey was also up there chipping along with Guido. Everyone rolled thru a red light at route 68 as a big colorful blob and the speeds stayed high on Moss Farms as well.
       Tall John was one of the first guys to kick it up a notch on Moss Farms and he was allowed some room to roam. Mid-way thru Moss he was hammering out a 6 or 7 second gap. He would hold onto that right till the corner of Marion Ave. French Casey, Chris C and Antonio D bringing the group up. Heading toward the industrial park a small group rode off the front. Richy Sachs Chris, Jelle, Chris "I mean business, see my socks" Crowle and French Casey. Guido bridged up and the gap up before the corner going into the industrial park. They stayed there a bit as Thomaas B chipped away at the gap. Silent Steve did a big push on the front to bring it all back together then handing it off to Mike McG and Snoop to lead the way into the corner for West Johnson. Hunter P attacked hard getting up the road 100 meters or so before the climbing stopped. Antonio D jumped out of the pack hard and that got everyone to respond. Hunter P was caught at the base of the climbs toward Reinhard and right then a small group pushed off the front. Gregg F, Dillon P, Guido, and French Casey again. Builder Pete also briefly went up the road with them. From there things started to split up as the hill dug its nails into everyone's pedaling tempo. By the time everyone got onto Reinhard, Guido was coming off the front, Mike McG and John Pescatore were leading the way, and Hunter P was coming back up with Little T in tow.
       Little T got the front and jumped for the corner with only Hunter P and Jacinto challenging. Everyone survived the treacherous descent down toward Peck ln. Late on Peck lane, Jordan Lynn, Mike McG and Chris C got a gap and they had mates in the field that wouldnt chase it down. Jacinto got across the gap once onto route 10 and that brought it all back together. From there, Mike McG was working hard at the front along with Todd H and Jelle to keep things moving. Those 3, along with Jordan Lynn lead out the sprint to Stop n Shop where Little T jumped again with no one coming around him. Hunter P once again gave futile chase.
     The ride back to Hamden was dark and fast. Late in the game a break from French Casey, Guido and Dillon P looked like it might have a chance with a kilo to go, but they indeed got overhauled. That left Little T duking out the finish with Antonio D. It was too dark to see what happened with those two.