A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 6th

Closing out the year the right way

    It could have been a boring night, as a re-route around the entire length of Mountain Rd was in order due to construction. It was decided to turn on Ward, get to Oak Ave and head down to get on to route 68/70 .5 mile east of where we usually come out. Most were no doubt thinking that it would be more of a casual ride but no so as the Cheshire guys animated and attacked thruout the evening. It was good to see Steve Suto back out on the ride. Right as everyone turned off route10, Dillon P attacked and got a gap that we would hold for 500 hundred meters or so. Alan B was there when he was being caught and then he went. Then, as everyone turned onto North Brooksvale, Hunter P attacked and drove up a gap that he held onto to another 500 meters. Behind, Big Red, Tall John, Chris C, Tall Dennis and a few others were doing most of the work to keep things together.
     As the ride turned onto Ward lane, Hunter P attacked again, this time with Big Red chasing but never quite covering the gap. As everyone got onto Oak, it was gruppo compacto and Chris C and Jordan L did a lot of the work as everyone barreled toward 68\70. With rush hour traffic in full effect, there was 7-8 cars stacked up waiting to turn in any direction. The pack got a friendly driver looking to turn off of 68\70 and French Casey literally rolled into the path of an east bound car to stop traffic completely for all. No doubt many motorist friends were not made tonight. The Cheshire guys had worked their way up to the front by then again and it proved to be big help as traffic was stacked up for ¼ mile. Everyone had to proceed single file toward Moss Farms and once there, Alan B and Joe K got things rolling again. Soon after it was just Alan B off the front with a 40 meter gap. Then Gregg F bridged up and the 2 were able to save their breakaway all the way past the chicane. In the front of the pack, it was Mike McG, The Sernyak, Chris C, Little T, Big Red, and a couple of others doing the work to bring it back.
      As everyone went up the rise to Marion, it was all back together again. After the corner, Joe K attacked and was quickly getting a gap going along with French Casey. Then Dave Hoyle, who had been lurking in the background, biding his time, shot up the road to bridge up to the 2 guys with a 100 meter gap. Hunter P was first to respond and that brought a handful plus some chasing up to the leaders. It was still strung out with a few gaps as everyone came up to the corner for the industrial park.... Joe K was still driving 20 pound tent pegs with 50 pound sledge up front. Once thru the corner, the pace slowed slightly, but Frnch Casey stayed rolling up front and that ensured that no one was going to get too much rest.
     With a few meters to the corner for West Johnson, Hunter P attacked as the paced came down a little bit. Again Big Red was there with him. Those two worked up a respectable gap up the rise after the corner. Behind, The Sernyak and Chris C had used the hill to springboard up to the leaders, making it four with a 40 meter gap. Once again, there was some traffic at the 4-way intersection for Peck lane and that brought it all back together again. Next to go was Joe K, who not so much attacked, but rather got to the front and just lit it up. A select group of the usuals were there and as everyone got toward the corner for Reinhard, there was a real-deal gap to everyone else. Just then Hoyle shot out from the front and power opened a gap. Low n behold though, he went straight instead of turning onto Riendhard. That pretty much slowed everyone down, which provided a brief reset before shooting up to the sprint point.
      It looked like there was going to be a bunch of guys ready to pounce on the sprint but it was pretty much Mike McG, Joe K, Hacker, Little T, Big Red, and maybe one or 2 more that had a chance. Little T got the better of all, getting thru the corner first. On the backside, Hacker drilled it briefly but nothing was escaping now that everyone's phasers were set to kill. Right away on Peck Lane, Hunter P attacked again, taking along French Casey. Those 2 were given a little bit of freedom at first amd they build up a gap that there were able to hold all the way to the first light on Route 10 (which was red). French Casey stayed on it going up the hill there (sight of Cheshire CX version 10.0 / November 14th).
      There was some reshuffling up front after the climb, and a couple of guys were looking inches from going all in toward Stop n Shop. Instead it stayed civil and fast. Again, a few guys were in position for the sprint, this time Hacker getting the best jump out of the pack. Little T was able to sit in the draft for a few seconds and then come around. It was a fight to the last couple of meters, with T prevailing again. From there it was all together thru Cheshire. Nice and fast to keep things safe.
Heading out of town, with traffic stacked up at most of the intersections, Alan B threaded the needle along with Gregg F and Hunter P to get thru a green light ahead of the rest. Those 3 build up a small gap and held on for a few hundred meters but the pack was breathing fire. French Casey was drilling it, The Sernyak was going hard, Big Red and the new guy on the BMC (name?), the Full Nalini as well. For the finale, Chris C and Mike McG rolled out their familiar good leadouts for the the benefit of about 6 guys. Right there was Hoyle. He timed it well and shot off the front with enough speed to build up an insurmountable lead.

     Awesome way to end out the year everyone. Sunday rides, for those who are not inclined to CX, are heading out on Sunday's at 10AM (or so we hear). The rest of you are smart to take a break from the crazyiness for a few months. See ya'll next year!