A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 5th

More tough conditions at the SG ride
   Turnout was low for the ride tonight. Temps in the upper 30’s and strong winds kept a lot of guys home. The pace slowly churned upward behind Chris and Kyle Crowell. Ben Bruce, Gibertoni, Alan B and a couple of others were up there as well, rotating thru and keeping the speed respectable.
   As the ride got closer to Mountain Rd, Markowicz and Dave Hoyle chipped in as well. Halfway down Mountain, Markowitz took off with Grome and Alan B. That was slowly reeled in by Mike McG and Chris C, among others. Hunter P took a dig towards the end of mountain, along with Grome, but the light was red.
    Joe K stormed off the front on Moss Farms and was allowed to roll up a gap that he hung onto until after the corner onto Marion. We’re wishing Joe the best as he takes on the Sandy Hook Ride on Washington this weekend! The pace was a little low key into the industrial park but the CCAP guys ramped it up once onto West Johnson Ave. That keep the speed high going up to Reinhard. Mike McG jumped off the front 50 meters before the corner and the only rider to respond shortly after was Alan B. Alan closed down the gap once onto the sprint hill and he kept it going all the way to the top. Behind, Ben Bruce was winding it up but a little too late to have any chance of tracking down BurggieBaby.
    On the backside, Hunter P joined up and that made 2 off the front into a strong head wind. Traffic turning onto Peck Ln gave all 12 or so remaining riders a chance to regroup. Up the false flat roared Markowitz, taking along Chris C and Kyle. No gap allowed there as Grome, Alan B, Jason Williams and a couple of others. It was all together from there, safely onto Route 10. Grome got the corner first and hit the jets up the hill. He was quickly away and held onto a respectable gap as the pack slowly got going again. Frieght Train Markowitz was again at the front of the charge and would be the one to eventually narrow the gap with about 200 meters to the sprint. From there it was Ben Bruce, narrowly holding off 2 or 3 riders to get to the top first.
   No surprises heading back into Hamden. Cassie Max put in a late flyer which spring boarded Dave H, Alan B, Grome, Mike McG, and Gibertoni. It came down to a 2 horse race with Mike McG hanging on a hair longer than Gibertoni to get to the intersection first.
    Good ride all things considered. It will warmer next week! Promise!