A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 17th

Just a few weeks left, gotta make em count.

The ride was slow to get going this week. Seems everyone was still recovering from Chappy's party or maybe the end of the summer is closer that we think.

Eric M was the first to up the ante and Mike McG was quick to follow. Soon after that Hunter P jumped across the gap and the 3 went to work. There was little chance of a trio like that being let go, especially when Guido jumped up tho the group ready to go to work. Sure enough, it was being chased back in earnest thru the cobbled section and it was all together by the turn onto South Brooksvale. Rondo then had go, taking along French Casey and Todd H. That was short lived though and it was all together heading onto Mountain road. Chris C took a dig at the front after the initial riser sections but that was brought back pretty quickly as well.

The pace was smooth for the rest for the way to Route 68. Once onto Moss Farms, Rondo and crew were setting the majority of tempo at first. No one was challenging that, and there were plenty of guys to chip in at the front. Eric M led all into the Chicane and it was controlled heading up to Marion Ave with Chris C and Steve Grey setting the pace up front. Brian the other Brian from Stage 1 took the lead in pushing a small group off the front on Marion, follwed up by Special Ed but both surges were covered and it was all together up to the lihgt on 322.

Once past the light everyone played nice and there was little drama on Mount Vernon road. The false flat section took its toll once again, leaving Jacinto, MaHoney, Hunter P and Rondo to take the initiate up it. Once it settled down from that effort, it seemed guys started to set up for the turn around. Steve Grey and Special Ed, neither huge sprinters, were moving up, no doubt looking to explode the ride on the climbs. Special Ed, took a flyer with Kilo to go on Mount Vernon, leaving Eric M and Steve G to chase it back. Once onto Welch, the jostling began. Special Ed took another flyer, which got everyone's attention. It was kept together by the likes of Eric M, MaHoney, Todd H, Larry M and Guido. Julio rolled thru the corner first with plenty of firepower right behind him. He kept on the gas and was quickly joined by Chris B. They had a gap for a couple of seconds before Hunter P jumped across the gap, dragging the handful of guys who were left. Chris B was at the front for the next 400 meters, settling into a solid pace that let no one sprint past. Hunter P was the first to jump but did so too soon as Mike McG and Jacinto had little problem sailing past with 100 meters to go. Mike's turn of speed was good enough to keep him out front and he got this one with Jacinto close behind.

Heading back into Cheshire was the usual with no one attacked and the pace was steady. It did speed up as the ride was coming back up to Route 322. Chris B, Chappy, and The Other Brian were doing a good job making everyone work. The light on 322 took forever and a day to change and once it did, Chris C took the opportunity to practice his cyclocross starts, jumping off the line and getting a gap till peck ln. That got things going decently again on Peck.

Heading into the Stop n Shop sprint, the Zane's guys took the initiative to drive the pace. Eric M doing good work. A couple of stage 1 guys were up there too. Mike McG jumped first past Rondo, taking Hunter P right with him. On the left side Julio L came up fast, blocking Hunter P from coming around. From there, it was a dog fight right to the very end between Julio and Mike with Julio hanging on. Jacinto made a last second sprint but was well short of the 2. It was an solid and proper sprint from Julio, who apparently was out to silence the critics...

From there was no surprises heading back to Hamden. For the finale, after the Zane's guys were done pushing the pace, Chris B looked good sneaking off with 750 meters to go. Guido jumped on with Hunter P in tow. Hunter P was able to get around Guido and hold him off for the ending.