A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 27th

Storm Chaser Edition of the SG Ride

The threat of rain clouds didn't deter that many guys today. Still a good sized group out for the throwdown. This week was a little more orderly as well. A potential detour on South Brooksvale was faced with solidarity. Traffic at Route 68\70 and again at 322 was no big deal.

Between dances with the storm clouds, the usual guys were attacking the group. A couple more got involved, which is always good to see. Big Red, Hunter, Alan B, Chris C, and Little T. This week, Dillon P got involved on Moss Farms and Hacker was back in action, pushing the pace here and there.

Little T jumped way before the turnaround sprint, was eventually passed a ig group, from which Mike McG jumped clear for the points. Alan B had another good jump on the pack early on route 10. He would narrowly get caught again. Dillon P took the prize at the Stop n Shop sprint point.

NEXT WEEK.... The Independence Day SG Ride?
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Anonymous said...

This blog cannot cancel the SGR based on a vote. What a joke.

Dr. Max said...

I vote for a morning edition on July 4th!!!!! Cassie aka former "Tall Timex Girl"...aka who knows what you guys call me when I'm not on the ride...

Little T said...

The write-up was way more accurate when there was no write-up.