A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 20th

Chris Jones drops in so hey, we’ll let him take it away this week.

“It was great to be back at the Sleeping Giant Ride. You guys are still flying out there, making all the cars hate cyclists! Love it though! The long summer loop was great as well. So it down like this…
Not sure about the first moves of the night. I was laying low, getting warmed up and making sure I was going to be able to hang with the group. After about 3k, I moved to the front to find the CCNS dudes setting a good tempo, so I chipped where I could and maybe upped the ante a bit here and there. There was also a Yale rider (Big Red - SG Blog) that was riding strong. The Hartford Hospital team was solid as well.

The pace stayed pretty good on Mountain Rd, all those guys were not content to let the speed drop on the backsides of all the risers. The CCNS guys, Hunter and ? (Alan B) , traded attacks but none of the gaps stuck. I backed off where the old turning point was but was back at it going over Meriden / Waterbury Rd. Hunter attacked there but was brought back a bit later. The HH guys were chasing. Then the Yale rider and one other (Joe K) got a bit of a gap and Henk from HH pinned it back pretty much on his own. When the ride finally turned right, I could tell, and a few guys told me about the sprint coming up so I was just trying to keep it honest up front. All of a sudden there was no one willing to pull, which I figured meant the sprint must be at the next corner. Another HH guy (Chris C) jumped but there was a few guys on him right away. Everyone was still racing after the corner, going up the hill. A light was red, which slowed everyone down. Then all of a sudden living legend Michael McGinley jumped off the front to beat everyone to the top of the hill, but I’m told the sprint was off due to having to pass the cars. Be careful out there everyone. Save it for the races!
After that, it broke up a bit as some guys were still drilling it, looking to get a gap on gassed out riders. A couple of them got away (Big Red, Alan B, Hunter P) and rolled away as everyone else got caught out by a couple of lights. There was some grumbling in the pack about “cheating” which is hilarious. Seems like they wanted it a bit more than everyone else. The rest of the ride back was solid. Fun stuff. A few others got involved in the pace-setting and it calmed down a bit as well. I think we even obeyed a couple of traffic laws on the back south! The group broke up a bit by the time we got into Hamden. Great ride everyone!”

Thanks Chris! Keep up the awesome work at UHC. We know you’re a big reason why it’s the strongest domestic team in USA. Drop by the TWC anytime!
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Anonymous said...

How are we handling the construction on S brooksvale?

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Hunter!!!