A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 9th

3 Quarters Crowell Down This Week… 

    Right from the gun (turning off route 10) Chris C was in a hurry. Turns out he was on his way to Kyle’s Confirmation….. We are still awaiting word as to whether or not Chris C was even allowed in the church.
    Anyway, no one was letting him roll off the front that early on. The Sernyak also showed up to ride and he was part of the early pacing making. Some team tactics and lots of soft pedaling allowed an early group of 8 or 9 to get a small gap before North Brooksvale but that was short lived. After that, Hunter P jumped off the front and held a gap to Mountain Rd, where he was joined by Chris C and The Sernyak. Those 3 stay off the front for a kilo or 2. Attacks and surges in the pack, The Full Nalini, Matt D and Apple Man from Yale were also up there pushing it back together. After the catch, Alan B took off and he dragged a couple of riders with him, with another couple more in between. It was all red lights at the intersection which brought it all back.
    Once onto Moss Farm, Little T got it going, along with The Sernyak and Henk. After a decent start, the pack rolled toward the chicane. Gibertoni jumped off the front and was allowed to ride free for the most part. There was some attacking and surging heading up to Marion but overall the pace was controlled. Little T was and Alan B  both took off once more but each was reeled back in before the 322 crossing.
     Once on the other side, The Sernyak was rolling off the front again, taking advantage of the lull in the pace. A couple of guys tried to get going across but by the time everyone turned onto Mount Vernon, Sernyak was clear by 15 seconds. The pace in the pack slowed down quite a bit, as no one was willing to ramp it up to close down the gap. Sernyak stayed out there for the whole time, gap yo-yoing a bit here and there.
     As the ride drew near to the corner for Welch, Alan B and Mike McG jumped off the front and they were joined by the Full Nalini. After catching Sernyak, that made for a strong 4some up the road. Still, the pace behind was unimpressive. Sean The Expo rider tried to bridge but he had waited too long, and would eventually get swallowed back up after the corner for West st. Up front, the leaders rolled thru the sprint without a struggle. All Mike McG had to do was make his BB creak a little and it kept everyone in line nicely. Behind Andrew Suzuki was putting down a solid pace to lead the rest of the group up and over. It would take a couple of lights, but the leaders would eventually be stopped and all would come back together.
     Once it was all back together, the pace ticked up a bit as guys were willing to work up front. Nuemotion, Henk, The Full Nalini and others. Charging down Atwater St, Gibertoni took off again, and then Hunter P again. The latter holding a gap all the way to the red light on 322.
Once on the other side, Alan B attacked again, Sean from Expo was ready this time and his chase led to it all coming back together again. From there it was the usual guys doing damage up front.
      Sernyak, Alan B, Hunter P, Nuemotion, the Yalies…. For the run in to Stop n Shop,  Alan B tried one more time, and was looking solid(ish) off the front. Big Red was back with the group, after having to detour earlier to head back home for a quick bit and He was charging hard. He brought a group of 10 or right back to Alan B with time to set up the sprint. Henk then led out Mike McG but Mike hit the jets too early. It gave Little T a great spring board for the last bit up the hill to take the sprint.

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Justin Neuman said...

Correct... all the way up until the part where Little T and I get away after the Stop & Shop and roll home in a two-up break-away =)

- "Neumotion"