The Sleeping Giant Ride

A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 4th

 Kinda nice not having ten pink jerseys attacking every two minutes.

The CCAP's TNC kicked off tonight, so a good portion of the SGR regulars were up in East Hartford. That left a small but nimble group for the ride. As expected, it was pretty smooth, with lots of people rotating through with good efforts. There were a few attacks of course. 
Little T jumped on Welch from the base of the turnaround sprint and solo'd to get the first sprint. Behind, Sean M was next across with Turner French in third. Those three stayed on the gas and kept a gap hopeful, but they were eventually got caught at a red light, bringing it back to grouppo compacto as Angry Ron used to say. 

From there the pace stayed steady, and it was great to have new guys getting in the mix. Matt, the Amity Bike Tri guy, in his second or third week at the SGR, is proving to be pretty strong and not afraid to work at the front. 

Turner French went to the front going up the Greenhouse Climb. TK came up and took a good pull to close the gap for his sprinter as everyone approached the light, which was green for everyone. Little T was able to take the sprint with a new guy taking second in a blue jersey (Name???) and Sean M getting the third spot.
Sean M was not done, and he attacked to ride off the front. He kept up an impressive gap until the base of the final hill prior to the four way stop at Cook Hill. Turner Frnch jumped to close the gap, taking along Little T. Those two bridged up and both passed him by the top of the hill. Then Amity Matt bridged up, pulled through and stayed on the gas up and over the last bump, and down the hill into the final sprint. 
Turner jumped first, which is firstly too soon, and then Little T came around him to get the last sprint. Turner and Matt rounded out the "podium" 
Next week is another TNC, then everyone and their mothers should be back for what will surely be a surly SGR on the 18th.

Tuesday the 28th

 Two Breakaways for the Price of One     

One week the ride is boring, the next week it's back to being excited as finding that last fry at the bottom of the bag. 

The group was smaller tonight. Just 23 or so out there. It was anyone's game out there. The ride got off to a rocky start though, with traffic hanging things up turning onto Mountain Rd. Then there was some aggressive overtakes by cars later on Mountain Rd. By the time that all cleared Sean M was in place to push hard to the light on route 68. Hunter P and Noah B were along for the ride, making three off the front pushing hard for a gap. The light was red though so it was all back together. 

Things calmed down a bit on Moss Farms. Steve B fired it up going into the Chicane, but he was not allowed too much of a leash there. Little T and Hunter P were bridging the gap, which got everyone's attention. Steve B kept the gap going though. Going past the industrial park, the front of the ride was breaking up a bit as the chase hotted up. In the end, it would come all back together by the light on route 322. 

Onto Mount Vernon, Sean M pushed off the front with Aaron B and Hunter P. That move lasted for a km or so. As it was all coming back together, Chris C pushed off the front. Then Jeff Gelt bridged strong, along with Nic Villamizar. With CVC and CW represented up front, there was little chase. The trio rolled clear, getting about 250 meters at one point. Dan Smith, CedricB and one other Angel were at times ramping up the chase. The leaders had an insurmountable gap at the turnaround. Behind, Little T would launch into the deep, and there were a few to go with him. There was a brief moment when perhaps a bridging effort to the trio could be made, but that door closed quickly as the leaders were getting thru the I84 interchange lickety-split. . 

The chase developed, with Hunter P and Jon Fecik getting involved it keeping the pace high. Heading back to the 322 crossing, both the leaders (or course) got thru the light quickly. But the peloton also didn't have to come to a full stop. 

The leaders still had a solid 200 meters heading to route 10. Just about out of sight from the chasers. But lo- the chase got the green light going across 10 so it was clear that it would all be coming back together. the gravel construction was cleared up and it was all back to route-normale. The catch happened at the top of the hill on E Johnson, turning onto Meriden Rd. 

Things calmed down for about 12 seconds. A group of 6 pushed off the front, led by Sean M. Chris C stayed up front as well, but that gap was never more than 100 meters. Sean Cahill and Steve B were getting into position coming up to the Greenhouse Climb. That rounded up everyone for the climb. 

The ride split up again on the climb, with the front 5-6 guys pushing off the front early on, and stronger riders hanging back for the second half of the climb. Steve B took acorss the gap with Hunter P and a few others on his wheel. He went across the gap and then off the front as the climb was ending. That led to a proper sprint for the line, which Little T jumped late for and nabbed, with Noah B and Sean Cahill on his wheel. 

After the turn off 70, Sean M rolled off the front again but was not allowed to go anywhere alone. More gaps during the next couple of streets, but it stayed all together as there were no big attacks. the next big move was the one that was going to go the distance. Steve B pushed off the front on the Tuttle uphill. Sean M and Jon Fecik were there as well. Behind, the Black Bros slowed the chase down just enough for the group to go clear by the 4-way stop sign/intersection. The chase was moderate. The leaders were drilling it. 

The break stayed clear by a plentiful margin,. Steve B was first across that final sprint line. 

Great ride to wrap up the month of May. Next week, the CCAP's TNC kicks off at Rentschler Field. There are just 4 weeks of that series (June 4th, 11th, 25th, and July 2nd)  but each week will feature full results reported to USAC. The next big week at SGR will be on the 18th.


Tuesday the 21st

And Another Breakaway Gets It

The ride got off to a lazy start today. CW, without Turner French, was up there but did not attack the corners early on. Dillon P had an early push that got things going a bit. Then Brian O got going on Mountain Rd, followed by Chris C, and Steffen H. Then Cedric B, Steve B and Hunter P moved up and got involved but that got the rest of the field jumping across the gap. Brian O tried one last push before the light but it was red so it all came back together. 

Onto Moss Farms, the pace didn't ramp up too much. CW hovered near the frontA couple of Angels were up there, Rusty as well. Brian O pushed off the front and was allowed to roll clear Sean Cahill lit it up going over a rise that made things interesting into the chicane, but it stayed all together, chasing Brian O. It was together soon after though, in time for crossing 322. the light was green, giving the entire pack a free pass there. 

On the other side, Brian O again rolled off the front. This time, Steffen H jumped up and got up the road, making it two off the front with a 100-meter gap getting onto Mount Vernon. Behind, CW was sitting on. Then, a little way down the road, Hunter P was found taking lackluster pulls at the front, giving the two a chance to get another 100 meters or so. Always in sight, though. The chase was left to CVC, who were missing their power forward, Sean M. Little T, Tommy K Video, and mostly Chris C, were driving the pace up front. 

Gettting near the end of Mount Vernon, Jeff G took a flyer with a NHAngel rider, and then Sean Cahill jumped across to them both. After seeing he was along in the briding attempt, Sean C was all in, and quickly made his way into the gap to the two leaders. He would get up there with a few hundred meters until the corner for Welch. That made for 3 up the road and gaining on the rest. 

Behind, a group of 5 or 6 led by Noah B and Chris C split off the front and into the gap. Little T jumped from the chase, taking Steve B with him. Neither had much of a chance to catch the trio up front. On the lead into the sprint, a couple of surges each from Brian O and Sean Cahill, and the teammates were able to shake Steffen H from the group. Those two took the sprint point with no struggle for the line. Behind, Steve B (?) was able to get across the line next in front of a shattered peleton. One rider who was crushing it, though was Inma Ruz, who 

It all came back together on the downhills and across the highway. The next action saw Steve B jumping off the front at Atwater, just past the hill. He would eke out a couple of seconds, which was on the way to being erased as all made their way to the 322 crossings. Steve B had a legit gap going under the yellow light there. The rest, just 30 meters behind, properly stopped for the red. That gap was all Steve B needed to finish up the ride alone, although he would not catch the two leaders.

Tuesday the 14th, Con't...

Steve B was not going to be caught, and everyone knew it.

For some reason, a couple of the Magenta guys persisted in riding as though there was a need to defend the gap and discourage the chase. The pace turned silly-lazy for a while. The competitive element of the ride was over at that point. There were no more sprints to take. No more points to give out.

Everyone rolled thru the detour in orderly fashion. The speed picked up a bit going down Blacks Rd but that was gravity talking. As everyone made the right-hander to get back on course before the Greenhouse climb, Steve B came charging by, determined to create Gap2.0. 

Seems he did the normal route, riding thru the road construction and then back at the breakaway until meeting the shortcutting peleton. At this point everyone was throttled down and piddling (pittling?) along and so Steve rolled off and up the sprint climb alone.

At the bottom of the climb, Chris C was apparently done with his extended recovery interval, got fed up with the "blocking" antics, and yelled at Brian O to move out of the way so that those who would actually like to ride bikes could do so. Brian nodded in acknowledgement with his dominant butt-cheek but didn't quite relent either. That continued up the climb at an impressive 250w until Chris went out of his way to push, curb, or ride Brian O into the yellow line. Only problem is a car was oncoming. The car had to brake, hit the horn, and Brian had to do a bit of evasive maneuvering. 

That started the shouting match between Chris C and the CW guys. Thank goodness everyone was rolling forward or else they'd be punches thrown. 

Oh wait, there were punches "thrown" anyway. As the two jawed, Brian may or may not have taken a swing at Chris C. And then he may have tried to crash Chris in a subsequent corner. 

That's how it ended up. Sure the pace got going near the finish and there was some sprinting at the end, but it was all over-shadowed by the dust up that should have never happened. 

Steve B racked up 5 points for definitely being the first to the Greenhouse climb, regardless of the route he took, and 2 bonus points for not getting a flat in the gravel construction section. 


Tuesday the 14th

 Men Turned to Boys on Their Pedal Bikes

Good weather = another good turnout for the ride. Which got started normally, and without much fuss. Turner F rolled off the front on South Brooksvale and no one cared to go with. Once he got a bit of a gap the magenta guys took up the front but there was little urgency from the rest. 

Furner turned onto Mountain Road (where the ride usually gets spicy) with a 150-200 meter gap. Eventually the chase started behind. Dan S kicked it off, then Jon Fecik. Sean M had a big pull at the front that kept TF in sight. All the same, he would get to the light on 68 fifteen sec ahead of everyone else, which was enough to get thru the light. The rest had to stop for a moment or two. 

Onto Moss Farms where CVC keep up the pace with some help from Fecik, Hunter P, Rusty, Cedric B, and a couple of others. Turfner had a line-drive's worth of a gap turning onto Marion. Sean M took another big dig with Ben Bruce, Brian Oliver, and Hunter P right there. That got the pace going up and gap coming down. Sean Cahill was lurking near the front and as soon as there was a lull in the chase, jumped into the gap, taking only the strongest 3 or 4 with him. Those would get up to Turnef with a couple hundred meters to the light but it was red, bringing everyone back together once more. 

Onto Mount Vernon, where there were a few groups and attacks and moves off the front. More often than not it was CW busting something out with a couple of others, leaving CVC to chase. Tommy K's Video, Little T, Chris C, and Sean M all getting involved in trying to bridge, chase, counter. Getting onto Welch, Sean M would lead a group of 5 or 6 off the front. Chris Brits, Brian Oliver, Noah B and a couple of others would turn onto West St pushing hard. They opened up a small gap as the sprinters (Little T, Hunter P and TunerFun) sized up the next 30 seconds. Brian O was not waiting, and he took off alone for the sprint line. He would get it in front of Noah and Chris Brits. 

On the backside it all came back together once again. The group got caught at a couple of the lights by I84 and as everyone was ramping up to get going after stopping for one, Steve B had a good jump and launched it. No one was in a position to go with him, and he would get green at the light by Jude Ln. The pack had to stop again. 

That would be all Steve B would need.

Or would it!?
Tune in next time for another episode of As the Pedals Turn

Tuesday the 7th


Surprise Surprise Gravel Detour Brings Drama

Solid numbers out tonight once again. The ride will be humming along until the Tuesday night crit series kicks off at Rentchler Field. Four weeks of fully scored racing means there is no recap for SGR then. There will be guys out but most will be up north. 

Back to the ride, MgntXprss was up early, bringing the pace up. Brian O and Turner along with Body Over Bike, Tom K, and Jon Fecik were all pushing the pace up front. Chris Brits had a dig off the front on Northbrooksvale but didn't get too far off the front. 

Per usual, the pace ramped up on the early part of Mountain Rd, this time with David Lapierre come up to the front briefly. A small group with teams represented (Sean Cahill, Steffen H, Chris C) pushed off the front on Mountain Rd, but enough guys were there to fill in the gaps. Sean M then had a dig to get to the light. Hunter P jumped on that, and that brought the rest. The light was red anyway. 

Onto Moss Farms, where the powderkeg-conditions continued. The pace was high with Turner F, Jon Fecik, the two Seans, and David L pulling through a few times. Going thru the chicane and up to Marion, everyone was together, but soon there was a gap forming to a strong group (Brian O, Sean C, David L, Brian Wolfe) pushed off and was allowed to get a gap. It was full gas going over the highway but everyone was to get the green light crossing 322. This brought it all back together, but conditions were ripe for counterattacks.

The one Rider up to the challenge was David l, who launched it off the front early on Mount Vernon. The rest were content to watch him go up the road, and he quickly built up a lead of 100m or so.

The gap yo-yoed the entire way down Mount Vernon, at times getting up to 30 seconds. Towards the end of Mount Vernon, a group of four or five, led by Jeff Gelt, pushed off the front to close the gap. That ended up with just Jeff G making it all the way up to David L, and the gap was down to 50 meters or so going through the corner for Welch. Soon, it was just David L off the front, pushing to the turnaround.

Hitting the hill before the corner, Little T jumped hard, taking along Turner F and Hunter P. Those three got up to David L soon after the corner, just in time to start playing games to the sprint. The break had a solid gap and were not getting caught from behind. Little T jumped to get it in front of Hunter P and Turner F. 

On the backside, Turner dropped his chain on the downhill and had to stop. David L pushed on with Hunter P on his wheel, but a red light at Jude Lane brought it all toghter again. 

Chris Brits was pushing off the fron again on the downhill but that didn't work this week and it was all together. Hunter P pushed off the front on Atwater, but that didn't last long either, and the light on 322 was red. 

Once over 322, everyone was setting up for the detour (nobody wanted to race with CX bikes so we had to detour East Johnson's new gravel road section). David L attacked hard on the hill on West Johnson, taking along Hunter P. Those two hit Reinhard with 100 meters and grew the gap up the hill to the corner. Behind, the peloton moved thru the corners quickly but safely. Up front the leaders had too much of a gap and were able to build on it getting to the greenhouse climb and up it. 

Never were they in sight, and that's how it wrapped up off the front. 

For the pack behind, the greenhouse climb was fairly sublime as it appeared that the Raspberry Rush group had played all their cards and fatigue seemed to have set in. Little T rolled over the line at the orchard for third. There were some harder efforts once past the light at 68, but nothing stuck as far as breakaways go. Going into the sprint, Sean C started the sprint from the bottom of the bump, with Steffen H on his wheel.  Little T came around them both for the finale.

Tuesday the 30th


New Faces, Same Speed

 Another big group out tonight with a few tos sveral new riders out. A couple of youngsters from Verge (Aidan Vollmuth and Stpehn Savino da 3rd) were out there to throw down tonight. Aidam coming to us all the way from New Jersey! He was active up front early on, joining the likes of Sean M, Turner F, Jon Fecik, and Chris Brits. 

 That said, there were no big moves off the front for the first 20 min or so, all the way up to Moss Farms. 

Turner F had another couple of digs on Moss farms and heading up to the route 322 overpass. A couple of times Sean M came to the front and steamrolled his way across the gap. Chris C also had a dig by the industrial park.

Onto Mount Vernon, where a group of four led by Steve B, pushed off the front but never got too far up the way. There were a few more gaps heading down Mount Vernon, but it stayed together more or less all the way to Welch. A gap opened up as guys were chasing to the corner, leading to a group of about six or seven hitting the hill with a small gap. From behind, in the chase, Turner F jumped across the gap and through the leaders on his way to taking the Sprint. David Lapierre tried to jump to keep him in check but came up a little bit short. Over the top of the rise and thru the line, it was Turner F, followed by G Money from New Haven Angles, and then Steffen H.

On the backside, it all came back together. Then near the end of the downhill stretch on West Street, Chris Brits jumped off the front before the double corner onto Atwater. He snuck away and made the light and was on his way solo. Behind, everyone was meh with the gap, watching Turner F, Sean Cahill, and Steve B instead. Brits made it count, and was able to hold it all the way to the light on 322, which he got across quickly. The pack had to wait, and that was all the lone rider needed to stay clear.

The rest of the drama for the evening was had by the peleton rolling over the chunky gravel on East Johnson. 3 or 4 flats happened in that stretch, taking out Dillon P, Chris C, and Cedric B. The ride will have to detour around this for a few weeks! Brits was not caught. Thru the greenhouse sprint it was Hunter P and then Little T next over the line.  For the finale, it was Little T in front of Steve B for 2nd and 3rd place points.